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a line allows progress, a circle does not

lucy ford
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i love him.

aesop rock, air, alkaline trio, ani difranco, animal collective, animal rights, architecture in helsinki, atmosphere, beach cruiser bikes, ben gibbard, blackalicious, bob dylan, bob marley, bright eyes, broken social scene, cage, cex, cheesy horror movies, chuck palahniuk, coldplay, cube, cunninlynguists, curb your enthusiasm, da ali g show, dalek, dancing, dangermouse, dark rooms, dead like me, death cab for cutie, def jux, deltron 3030, discovery health, dj qbert, dj shadow, dr. octagon, edan, el-p, elephants, enduser, graffiti, green tea, grizzly bear, handsome boy modeling school, hieroglyphics, high fidelity, hip hop, hoodies, howard stern, igby goes down, j, jason schwartzman, john cusack, johnny the homocidal maniac, joshua radin, kid koala, kid606, las vegas, life after death, london, loud music, lovage, madlib, madvillain, mangos, mascara, massive attack, memento, mf doom, michael moore, mixtapes, modest mouse, mr. lif, my blackberry, my ibook, nailpolish, nerds, neutral milk hotel, new orleans, nip/tuck, nouvelle vague, of montreal, organic food, paint, painting, peter bjorn and john, photo chemicals, photography, pi, politics, prefuse 73, quasimoto, radiohead, records, regina spektor, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rhymesayers, rjd2, road rage, run lola run, rushmore, sand in your hair, sandcastles, sean daley, slug, snatch, snuggling, sonic youth, stars, stones throw, sufjan stevens, surfers, sushi, talib kweli, tapes n' tapes, tattoos, technics, techno, tegan and sara, tennis, the apples in stereo, the arcade fire, the cure, the dears, the faint, the ocean, the postal service, the raincoats, the rules of attraction, the vines, the white stripes, thom yorke, tori amos, trains, trainspotting, trance, turntablism, tv on the radio, uffie, vegan, veganism, vegetables, vinyl, violins, wine, wolf parade, zero 7, zines